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Aviation Consulting has been founded by Peter Klonk in May 2002 in Munich, Germany. Peter had started his aviation life with the German "Luftwaffe", as a student in a jet fighter pilot course after his basic military training in 1961.

The fighter pilot business became his life for twenty years with flying and training tasks as instructor pilot and weapon instructor. During his time in the German Air Force Peter took the chance to study Aero- and Space Technology at the University of the German Armed Forces in Neubiberg and got his engineering degree in 1977. The military test pilot license came next, training in flight accident investigation in the USA followed.

With his knowledge and a lot of flight experience Peter helped to introduce new fighter aircraft in the German Air Force. He was substantial in developing new fighter tactics and in introducing computer assistance for the task of flight and mission planning.  With the age of 41 he retired from the air force and started his second, his civil life.

The first job was program work within the old German aviation company "Dornier". Soon after he changed into sales & marketing, setting up the sales organization in Australia and the Pacific and selling Dornier regional aircraft. Seeing the urgent need for exact flight planning also in this field of aviation he started computer programming; first as a hobby, later as profession. It was during the 1990's that he set-up a lot of personal relationships with decision makers of the aviation industry in Asia, specially in China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

During his work as VP Sales for the aircraft seat manufacturer RECARO Peter had the chance to intensify his contacts with Asia. In the USA he could establish the German company RECARO as baseline supplier of the two biggest airlines in the world, United and American Airlines.

In the position of VP Sales for Fairchild Dornier he was responsible for selling the regional jet production to all countries outside the USA. With more than 100 regional Dornier / Fairchild Dornier aircraft sold to European and Asian customers he could sign the contract with the launch customer Lufthansa for 60 plus 60 728 aircraft.

When Fairchild Dornier moved the sales headquarter to the USA, Peter took over the regional sales office for the Middle East in Dubai. Here he established his links and his sympathies for the Middle East.

With the age of 62 he moved back to Germany and founded Aviation Consulting, AviCon Peter Klonk. 

AviCon has now consultancy contracts with European and Asian customers, every task is a new challenge.