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Sales & Marketing

AviCon has more than twenty years of sales experience in Europe, Asia, Australia and in the Pacific. With connections to the decision makers of all classes of airlines, regional airlines, no frill carriers as well as to flag carriers, AviCon offers services for full scale sales campaigns together with the manufacturer.

Preparation starts with the analysis of the product and the market, placing emphasis on the strong sales points and addressing the market needs. A presentation, tailored to the different levels of the target customer group, is prepared, adopting the corporate identity of the product manufacturer.

Presentations at customer or manufacturer site, at conferences and workshops are followed by demonstrations of the product under as realistic conditions as possible.

Demonstrating the value of the product to the customer is the next step, done with well prepared studies within the framework of customer's environment. In this field AviCon can make full us of the knowledge base of studies and software.

Proof of cost of ownership, the profit potential and the return of investment are the next chapters in a successful sales campaign. Customer support for the product over the life-time in combination with innovative support programs are created together with the manufacturer.

AviCon offers consulting the manufacturer during contract negotiations with different culture customers.

AviCon's experience shows that well prepared sales campaigns have a four time higher success probability than random campaigns.