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With the knowledge of the Aviation business from the pilots-, the operators- and the manufacturers-view AviCon can offer its services under three main headlines:

  •  Analyses and Studies

AviCon does Performance analysis for passenger aircraft, based on the performance stated in the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH). The result of such a study is the feasibility of a special type of aircraft to operate out of named airfields and possible payload / fuel burn for given sectors. Based on revenue numbers per pax and sector AviCon can optimize the routing and schedule of the operator.

  •  Software

AviCon creates the software for the performance of your aircraft to do the above mentioned analyses and studies and hands over this software to the customers to do this optimization under varied inputs.

AviCon can provide software programs for in-flight use by pilots. Aviation Certification of such software however is not possible.

  •  Sales & Marketing

For aircraft manufacturers AviCon offers complete sales campaigns to designated customers in Europe and Asia. Such sales campaigns can start with performance / route / costs analyses, go via contract negotiations to product support as after sales service. All forms of participation of the manufacturer are possible and welcome.