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AviCon is specialized in generating the software, needed for on-going analyses and studies for regional airline networks.

The AviCon Software is generated to customer needs based on the performance of the Pilots Operation Handbook (POH), with the inputs of the database of airports and the cost data for maintenance, local airport use, airspace use, airline operation and fuel prices.

The outputs of this modular software can be as example:

  • Airport performance

  • Route / sector Performance

  • Direct operating costs

  • Network optimization

With the AviCon Software the business plan for a start-up operations can be generated.

The AviCon Software can also verify and recalculate existing studies and business plans.

AviCon performs software training at customer site as well as in Munich / Germany.

Data and information needed are the POH of the customer aircraft.

The result is the software for the performance of the airline.